Commercial Tree Pruning Services

There are several reasons for which you may be looking to prune your tree. St. Louis tree pruning is a delicate and precise job that needs to be done by your local experts. If you are uncertain about whether or not you should attempt to have your tree pruned, our team can assist you.

Tree Pruning Services in the St. Louis area and Kirkwood, MO

You may need to have your tree pruned to improve its aesthetic looks, remove branches that are too low or improve the tree’s health. By removing excess branches, the tree’s structure, we can help improve its health. Pruning trees periodically allows them to stay healthy from roots to canopy. When you decide it’s time to have your trees pruned, call our tree experts at Gills Tree Service—one of our teams will help you out.


In order to determine if you need tree pruning services, think about these questions:

  • Does your tree have diseased branches?

  • Does your tree have branches damaged by a storm or any other natural tragedy?

  • Does your tree need to be thinned to allow for better growth?

  • Does your tree need to be resized because it is too large?

  • Does your tree have low-hanging branches that prevent you from passing by?

  • Does your tree need to be designed into a specific shape?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to contact us at (318) 348-1377. Our professionals can offer you a free estimate and take care of your tree problems in a timely manner.