Tree Removal Services

Whether your tree is hazardous, interferes with your view, or just isn’t aesthetically pleasing, we have the experience and the equipment to remove it safely and securely. Bringing down a tree is a large project that requires a great deal of planning and consideration. If you are considering removing a tree, speak with our team of St. Louis tree removal experts.

Best & Safest Tree Removal Services in the St. Louis Area

When you know that you need to remove a tree any reason at all, Gills Tree Service is the company with the expertise and safety know-how to meet your needs. This is a huge project, requiring time, the right equipment and employees who have the knowledge you need. Before we begin working, we inspect your property so we know how to bring your tree down in the safest way possible. Give us a call and speak with one of our tree experts about your needs.


To ensure safety and protection, our employees are trained to:

  • Thoroughly check the surroundings

  • Identify potential interferences

  • Remove and protect potentially endangered objects

  • Safely trim and remove the tree in manageable pieces

Offering Safe Tree Removal Throughout St Louis

Depending on the size and strength of the tree, we provide our employees with a variety of tools necessary to accomplish each task thoroughly and successfully. Be assured that our employees are trained to work with the best instruments possible. Your safety and satisfaction are always our main priority.

Do you have questions about our methods, procedures, or tools? Don’t hesitate to call us at (314) 348-1377. Our staff is eager to answer your questions and hear your comments.