Wood Chipping Service

An environmentally safe and reusable way to dispose of your tree.

St Louis Wood Chipping Service

Turn that old tree stump or pile of limbs and trunk into something that can help you, someone else or the environment. It’s not easy to remove a tree trunk for the ground. Whether the stumps have been ground down or not, you still have tree limbs littering your yard.

A wood chipping service can help reduce all of that debris into something that actually benefits the environment. The wood chips hold rain, snow and other moisture in the soil, so plants grow more readily. The chips add an attractive look to gardens so that bare soil isn’t showing everywhere.

Give us a call when you have tree debris you need to get rid of. Gills Tree Service will chip the branches and other tree items down for you.


Facts About Wood Chipping Service

  • Fact

    Wood chipping is a “green” practice, helping to reuse a natural resource for other needs.

  • Fact

    Wood chips sed in boilers serve as a biofuel. It’s easier and gentler on the environment to dispose of unneeded windbreaks.

  • Fact

    Chipping unwanted wood is a good use f green areas, helping to control weed growth.

  • Fact

    Foresters can more easily thin out stands of trees, helping to slow down forest fires.

  • Fact

    Landscapers can easily cut down on the amount of yard waste they have to take to the landfill.

  • Fact

    Landscape gardeners can recycle wood chips, turning them into a decorative and useful ground cover.

Gills Tree Service will provide wood chipping service if you don’t need the wood from the trees you are having chopped down. You and the environment will benefit from reducing wood down to chips that can be used as ground cover. Call us at (318) 348-1377 to get Wood Chipping Service!